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Here at the FCOS, we receive many submissions from you Kirk-fans out there. We started noticing a strange continuity in the images we received. If we receive more high-quality images similar in theme to the ones below, we will certainly post them. Until then, enjoy!


Bald Kirks


Other Wig-related pictures


Finally, a photo guaranteed to put that "does he wear a wig" question to rest. . .

noot.gif (3727 bytes)
Noot sez "Big Hair is good!"


And now for something really creepy.

This is a Shatner Halloween mask made for the 70's horror film The Devil's Rain. The movie bombed, so the mask never caught on.

If it looks vaguely familiar, it's because it is the same mask that the killer wore in the movie Halloween. The special-effects folks found it at a discount store and spray-painted it white. Shatner later sued, claiming that it was recognizable as him and was therefore an unauthorized use of his image. He lost.

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