Other Crackpot Religions!


No Virginia, the First Church of Shatnerology is not the only religion available. There are other minor religions on this Flat Earth of ours. Some are large. Some are small. All are scams! Only the FCOS can bring you true salivating Salvation. Your monkey will always be left wanting with other minor religions. Oh well.


Operation Clambake
Scientology is a scam? Well duh! Anyway, this should explain it all.


Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
Closely associated with the former PTL, this is a great Dallas-based hub of freakish religious opulence.


The Doomsday List!
Doncha just love those wackos who think we're gonna be raptured? OK, you probably find 'em just as annoying as I do. This site, however, pokes a lot of well-deserved fun at 'em. Dozens of end-of-the-world prophesies are catalogued. Ones that have passed without happening are mentioned. Fun to check when you are feeling like the only rational person in the world.


The Universal Life Church
Now we're gettin' somewhere! Here's a religion where you can believe damn near anything you want, and you can sign up to be a minister via a WWW form! Lots of cool stuff available for a low price. I got a doctorate from them for only twenty bucks!

The Church of the Subgenius
Praise Bob! Want eternal salvation or triple your money back? Want to return to your yeti roots? Do you have Slack?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you'd better click now!

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