Nice things that people have said about the FCOS pages!

Scene cut from the unreleased sequel to "The Trouble with Tribbles", in which Kirk manages to impregnate a Tribble with disastrous results!


Check out my fine collection of loveable-stupid "award" bitmaps!

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As can be seen below, everyone in the whole friggin' universe thinks that my page is tops. Unfortunately, I haven't received enough of these stupid "award" bitmaps to place on my page. All good Shatnerologists need to email those places and demand that this humble page be placed in their good graces. Otherwise, I'll sic my army of Evil Marmosets on the lot of you. So let it be written. So let it be done.


Now, on to the kudos!

First off, Joseph Cox Writes. . .


I happened onto your website after reading a post of yours in the PSX newsgroup.

You have the funniest website I have ever seen.

After that, Gary Hall wrote me to say. . .


I can honestly say, I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard.


Impressed yet? If not, read what Jason Van Houten (no relation to the Van Houten in the Manson family) mentioned. . .


How did you get to be so damn funny? It's the dust, isn't it? Something in the dust?

Still not impressed? Well, read what Chris has to say!

Hey dude! I've got to say, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! Keep up the great work!!! Hey mind if I put a link from my home page (Angry Online!!!) to yours? Just tell me if you don't !

Oh my, I'm STILL laughing!


At this point, you are obviously impressed by the impressive reviews my page has gotten. It seems that Jonathan Wright and his wife had a somewhat different reaction to my page. . .

Dear Ultra Damned High Uberpopeitude,

I really had a belly-laugh bumbling through your pages. Thanks be to the OTS and our one and only savior, the TOUPEE, for the words of your Shatnernesssss.

I have found the anointing of the TOUPEE! While I was sitting at my screen soaking in the anointing of OTS, my body became warm and I bursted into a sweat! Then my stomach began to hurt but the anointing of Shatner through the wisdom of the Ultra Damned High UberPopeitude saved me from the Devil's bloating and I let out a gaseous stream of holiness that anointed the whole house. Even my wife got the anointing and she began the holy stream of gaseousness! Glory Be to the OTS and His Holy High Uberpopeitude.

My wife and I are enclosing our love-offering of our anointing to Your Holiness, and my the OTS pay us back with his anointing again!

Rich Taylor says in his own inimitable fashion. . .

It's great, I love the page, Shatner rules.

Finally, Bryan Mau sums it all up by saying. . .

Your web page is the only truly good thing in the universe.


If you rearrange the letters in the words "William Shatner", you can spell "A Manliest Whirl" and "Salami Hen Twirl". Coincidence? I think not.

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