The OTS on the set of his failed 70's series "Lapel Force"


Shatnerologist Phone Phun!

Well, worthy supplicants. It appears that some of my phone-antics have not gone unnoticed. For this reason, I've made my phone calls available here.



Healing Weeiam's ailment
The altar egos of the Pope and Popess, Etta and Weeiam Bubick, have had a tragedy. Turns out that Weeiam is about to succumb to a nasty case of Catharsis Syndrome. Thankfully, the TBN prayer-line can heal over the phone!

Getting rid of Weeiam's Demon
No sooner is Weeiam healed than Etta has a need for some spiritual warfare. Etta gave a call to the TBN prayer line to try to purge Weeiam's demon, and she found out that whacking a demon with a frying pan just isn't enough. Special thanks to John Steele for the screaming and pot-banging.



This one's rather tame, as the topic was rather innocuous (childhood fears).It does, however, show off the spectacle of HolySnorts(tm), which is a condition brought about when a Shatnerologist is filled with the Spirit of Shatner. I like to think of it as the "Watauga Blessing".

After the Nth day of Baptists bashing Disney, I had to comment.This is from "The Scott Wilder Show", a local Dallas talk show on a religious station. Looks like they forgot to turn on their delay!

Scott Wilder decided to talk about Roswell.How could I resist!

This one's from a thinly-disguised gold infomercial that plays on religious radio stations.For those who don't know, you can probably read about Acapulco Gold here.

This one's from "Money Talk", a financial show on a religious station. I just wanted to see if I could say "flaming Tits of Shatner" on the air.Looks like I was successful. I also tried to say "Halls of Smegma", but I fumbled the words :(

This one is "Point of View", which is little more than the point of view of rightwing host Marlin Maddoux.

This one's from my favorite radio show, "The Scott Wilder Show". They had a replacement idiot to replace Wilder that day, as he was off to Promise Keepers to renew his commitment as dictator of the house. The inimitable Brother Russell called in.

This is "Youthwake", a call-in show for Christian teens. Being a Christian teen, I had to call in.



image\mirror.jpgWell kids, it finally happened.Shatnerology has transcended this humble web page into history with this article in "The Sunday Mirror", a British tabloid newspaper. It appeared on 6/15/97. Note that there is no mention of the web-page anywhere.Somebody actually thought this was a legitimate religion!

I got a few phone calls and emails related to the article, but most of them turned to nothing once folks realized that there wasn't really a 1,000 person compound somewhere (but we're still trying).I'm still waiting for a return phone call from that Globe reporter.

I did, however, end up with a quickie interview on BBC radio.I wasn't able to get a broadcast version of the interview, as the BBC signal is a tad weak in Texas. This version is taped off the phone. It's a bit difficult to hear the host, but I didn't give him much of a chance to talk anyway!

I must also apologize for my sing-along version of the Star Trek theme at the beginning. They were playing the theme, and I thought I might be on mike, so I decided to sing along.

Hear the Uberpopetitude interviewed on BBC radio!


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